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5 Ways to Amplify Social Media Marketing and Content

By Kyle Kirschbaum.

social media marketing

If you’re new to social media from a business and marketing perspective, you should first decide which platforms are best suited for your product and target market. You should have a presence on one of the major platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. More than one platform could suit your needs for the better. But also keep your eyes open for other platforms that could target your market more directly. If you are selling handcrafted items, something like Etsy, or photography, YouPic. If you are just starting out, you might want to limit yourself to no more than three platforms so you can keep up with regular posting and not become overwhelmed.

Once you have made those decisions, here are a few tips to increase the range and effectiveness of your social media platform posts.

Turn your employees loose

A great way to delegate and promote social media marketing is utilizing your employees by encouraging them and any of their friends and family to post comments on your pages or to use hashtags that will direct others back to your page. You might even consider allowing a couple of them access your social media platform to post updates as an administrator. Allowing others to join the process will broaden the scope of posting and ease the load from your shoulders of needing to come up with a certain number of posts per day or week. Alternatively, you might have members of your team write about the job they do or what they like most about working at your company. Then, show that information with a picture of the employee doing their job. Any time you get the people you work with included, you validate their efforts. This strategy also allow your customers to become better acquainted with your team and makes them feel more connected and at home with your business.

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Use a content library site.

There are a number of sites that you can use for current materials and articles relating to your work and the probable interests of your target audience. The really good ones you will pay for, but you can also register on sites like or for free and set up topics and blogs that feature those topics. When you post on your social media sites, the information does not have to be new material. Sometimes just showing others where to find the best information also demonstrates your professional status. Consider linking your followers to other sites at least one time for every three to four posts you make.

Choose five types of stories and content to base your posts around.

When you start posting, it can be overwhelming to determine something new to say every day or more than once a day. Decide on five general topics that will likely appeal to your followers. As an example, if your business is about architectural building restoration and rejuvenation, you might consider the topics of simple and quick DIY projects. Other examples would be pictures of fun finds you’ve made and the places where you found them; gardening tips for different eras; family fun and games; and before/after makeover pictures. Occasionally throw in other topics that catch your attention, but having five main types of posts will keep things interesting for you and your followers. Selling posts should not happen any more often than one in three to five posts.

Use trending hashtags that apply.

If you are on Twitter, you’ll see a list of about 10 trending hashtags on the left side of your profile page. Facebook often has them on the right side of the screen. Using trending hashtags that apply to your efforts is a great way to attract new followers to your page.

Instagram doesn’t list trending hashtags, but you can choose and add up to five or so of them in comments that apply to almost anything you post. Then, always include those hashtags in a comment that is added after you have already posted your picture and initial explanation comment. With Instagram, you cannot change your initial comment, but all subsequent comments can be removed. So, when you list your hashtags as a later comment, you can always delete them afterward and add new ones if you like, increasing the range of your post.

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Interaction with followers.

Of course, if you get hundreds of comments a day, interaction with followers becomes much more difficult. But, if you are starting out, you should respond to every comment. When you respond and tag that person in your response, your original post and comments will show up on the feed for their friends. That gives you free exposure to others who have similar interests to your follower and you. It also allows you to build a relationship with people and allows them to become invested in your business. Consider asking a general get-to-know you questions to increase responses from followers.

Since each social media platform has its own rules and procedures, you should take a bit of time to check out your competition’s profiles. What are they doing that is getting positive results? There is no need to reinvent the wheel when you are building your site. Learn from your competition, take what you can from them, add your own unique twists and/or improvements. Then start monitoring how those changes work going forward.

Let us know what is working for you by listing your thoughts in the comments.

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