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What are the Evernote and F.lux Apps : Kyle Kirschbaum

By Kyle Kirschbaum

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What Evernote Offers:

  • Get organized using notebooks, files and tags for indexing.
  • Discuss and collaborate with others on projects.
  • Keep your focus using an uncluttered work space.

What Evernote Lacks:

  • Evernote only saves when you hit “Done” so if your devise shuts down in the middle, you lose what you’ve done there.

Compatible Devices: Google Chrome or Firefox extension. Mobile and Tablet optimized for iPhone and Android.

Average Customer Review: 1,235,152 Reviews  averaging 4.6 / 5 stars on google play (May, 2015)

Cost: Free. Though you can purchase a premium version.



F.lux is amazing if you spend a lot of time looking at screens. It allows you to adjust lighting on your display and automatically changes for the time of day. At night, the lighting gets dimmer and warmer.

What F.lux Offers:

  • Gets warm and darker after twilight so you get less eye-strain.
  • Cuts blue-toned light allowing many people to prepare for sleep time easier. Blue light near bedtime can impact your natural circadian rhythms.
  • During daytime hours you can also adjust the light tone and levels to fit your needs.

What F.lux Lacks:

  • F.lux is not available for Android, but the company is working on one.
  • F.lux changes to an altered color, so if you do a lot of graphic design or photo editing, it may not be the program for you.

Compatible Devices: Google Chrome or Firefox extension. Mobile and Tablet optimized for iPhone/iPad.

Average Customer Review: This app is not listed on google play, but has several 5 Star reviews from technology journalists, users, and bloggers.

Cost: Free to windows based devices. Also available for $1.36 to Linux, Mac, and iPhone/iPad.


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